No Fate

After posts about superheroes, Doctor Who and other science-fictiony things over the last few years, it’s probably no surprise that I’m an enormous fan of the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It’s not an understatement to say that I LOVE the film: gripping story, satisfying sci-fi, special effects that really feel special and a script that has stuck in my mind for years.

Particularly the phrase, “there’s no fate but what we make for ourselves” – in a movie featuring time travel, a reminder that nothing is pre-determined. Your actions have consequences. If you steer your efforts towards a particular outcome you can achieve your goals.

At the viva you’re not trying to stop a shape-shifting killer from the future, or prevent the end of the world, but the stakes are high! Still, the outcome is not being imposed on you: you’ve worked to become good enough to get to submission, and your “fate” now – because of your actions, your knowledge, your talent – is that you’re on track to pass.

And thankfully, the viva is not at all a “judgment day” – more of a confirmation of the work, knowledge and talent that you’ve developed.