Three Word Reflections

Reflection is useful in many areas of life. It takes time though, and good reflection takes a lot of time. You can start small. Try taking three words, just three associations you have with whatever you want to reflect on. For your viva, this could be helpful in a lot of ways.

  • What three words come to mind when you think about your thesis? Why?
  • What three words do you think of when you think about your examiners? Why is that?
  • What three words describe your methods? Why?
  • Think of three words to summarise your bibliography? Why are those so important?
  • What three words would describe how well prepared you are? What do you need to do?

Three words can start a reflection. Typically ask yourself “Why?” to dig deeper. Maybe that leads you to a slightly better understanding. Perhaps you have to do something now. Three words is just a starting point, but you can go a long way.

What three words do you associate with your forthcoming viva? Why?