Top Of The Hill

When you make the long trek up the hill of your research, and reach the summit of completion, you’re more or less ready for your viva.

To stretch the analogy a little further:

  • Explore the route that you took. Was it the best route? How did you fare on your climb?
  • Reflect on the help you had. Who were your guides? How did they help you?
  • Look out from the summit. What can you see now? What’s on the horizon?

Perhaps the viva is a little like the walk back down the hill. You know the way, the terrain is more familiar, it won’t take as long as the climb up… Your footing could still be a little treacherous in places, but you have more experience than when you climbed up.

You can see more from the top of a hill than the bottom. And you can only get there through your effort and time.