7 Confidence-Boosting Questions For The Viva

Confidence isn’t like flicking a switch. Confidence has to be fine-tuned by practice and experience. Confidence in your own ability can be dented by the importance of a big event (like the viva) and the nervousness that can come with it.

While I don’t recommend trying to “hack” your confidence or fake it, if you feel you need something to boost your confidence you could start with some of the following questions:

  1. What have you done well during your PhD?
  2. What skills or talents can you see improvement in?
  3. How did you find your biggest results?
  4. When have you been at your most confident as a researcher?
  5. What music helps you to feel happy?
  6. What could you wear to the viva to help you show your best self?
  7. Who could give you positive feedback to help boost your confidence?

No tricks, no hacks, just questions. The answers might help you find a little more confidence for the viva.