Prompted by the fact that today is my wedding anniversary, I’ve been wondering whether or not people generally celebrate passing their viva years afterwards. June this year marked my tenth vivaversary (if you like forced portmanteau words!). I think about mine every year, but I’m an anomaly because it’s sort of my job to think about the viva a lot.

I imagine for some people, after a few years, it just becomes part of the background radiation of their life: a low level buzz you only notice when you have to fill in a form and someone asks about your title.

For some it’ll be front and centre, a defining moment, part of who you are, what you do, how you live your life – and not because you’re an academic or have a job that requires a PhD. It becomes a core bit of your identity.

Whatever it means to you, however you celebrate it at the time or afterwards or even if you don’t, it’s worth making a note of your viva date. You won’t get a present every year, but it will fix that achievement in your life’s calendar.

It means something.

You did it.