It’s summer! There’s no days off for Viva Survivors, there’ll continue to be a new post every day, same as always, but I will be taking more time off for August so if anyone drops me an email or tweets at me there could be a gap before I get back to you.

I’m using some of my down time to think about more resources that I want to share on the site. I have some ideas that I would love to share but I think they’d be done best through the medium of video rather than text, so we’ll have to see how these develop 🙂

I’ve taken my print books off sale for now, as I don’t want to go to the Post Office throughout August, but to compensate for that there’s a 40% code off all of my ebooks until the end of August. Simply go to, select whichever ebooks you want and then use code SUMMER2018 before you pay. That’s it, 40% off 🙂

There’s a new post every day throughout August. Take a day off here and there, even if your viva is coming up soon. Take time to reflect, refresh and revive.

Enjoy your summer!