Eight Hows & Whys To Unpick Your Methodology

Unpick your methodology before your viva. When you’re preparing, make sure to spend time to get your thoughts and ideas clear. Here are eight hows and whys to get you started on reflecting:

  1. Why did you use the approach that you did?
  2. How well did you think it would work?
  3. Why was it a better choice than other methods you considered?
  4. How did you apply it in the case of your research?
  5. Why did you have confidence in the approach?
  6. How well does it fit with other choices you made in doing your research?
  7. How would you rate it now?
  8. Why might you make changes with hindsight?

Your examiners might ask you direct questions about your methodology in the viva, they might not. But they will discuss your research. If you spend time before the viva getting your thoughts in order, you’ll be in a better position for the discussion.