1. Andrew Lucas

    I’ve just listened to your podcast, and it was really useful, thank you!!!

    I just wondered if there is any specific advice for mature students? I went back to university at 48 to start a part-time PhD in biology, which I’m now writing up six years later. I’m used to being the youngest person in the lab by a clear 30 years, but I just wondered if there is anything particular you’d advise?

    • Nathan

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for your comment – it’s always great to hear that someone has found the podcast valuable!

      I’m not sure if I have any particular advice about the viva for someone who has been a part-time/mature PhD student: typically, I would encourage people who were starting a PhD as a mature student but reassure them that they’ll likely have the discipline to see it through because they’ve already done so much more than someone like me, who pretty much went straight through from undergrad via a Masters.

      I suppose it might be worth thinking about “why” questions: why did you decide to do a PhD? Why did you choose the topic that you did? Why was it interersting? And so on.

      There are plenty of people on the podcast who I’ve interviewed that have been part-time or mature students; I’m not 100% sure that they’ve all been tagged as such in the classifications for the episodes, but the following link will get you at least four of them: http://viva-survivors.com/tag/part-time/

      I hope that’s of help, drop me a line if you have any more questions!
      All the best,

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